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Mythbuster: Are brand name drugs better than generics?

Myth: Brand name drugs are safer and more effective than generic drugs.

Fact: Generic drugs are every bit as safe and effective as brand drugs. In fact, they are equivalent to the brand version in dosage, safety, strength, quality, the way they work and the way they’re taken.  Visit to read the full article.


Editor: Shawn Martin

As citizens who refuse to mind their own business, teachers must not act as if their business is only in the classroom, and must realize that what happens outside the classroom can profoundly affect their work for better or worse. Most obviously, refusing to mind your own business means taking political action against wrong-headed reforms that railroad teachers through changes at unworkable speed, or that put forward changes which will damage public education...teachers with purpose and passion must protest damaging government action, not because they are in despair, but precisely because they are hopeful and actively determined to make things better for their students." Michael Fullan & Andy Hargreaves What's Worth Fighting For Out There 1998.

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