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Professional Development

What we do:  The Professional Development Committee is committed to investigating the PD needs of GEETF members and plan appropriate programs. The committee also explores opportunities for joint Professional Development/Learning Ventures with the Grand Erie District School Board.

A few examples of workshops/events that the PD Committee have facilitated are:  Crayola workshops, Music and Art workshops, Resume Writing and Interview Skills workshops, various ETFO funded workshops that include release time for our members to attend.


Professional Development Offerings 2019-2020


November 4th, 2019                Planning for an Effective Literacy Block

The literacy block, while imperative to student learning and success, can be both intimidating and daunting for educators across divisions. This workshop serves to highlight some essential best practices, provide some current and relevant strategies to support our learners, as well as explore some of the ways that the language block can serve to meet the needs of all of our students. Topics discussed will include the importance of oral language, instructional approaches, the gradual release of responsibility learning model, and the Daily 5. This workshop is designed for educators in primary, junior and intermediate divisions who would like to learn about or further develop their literacy programs. Session goals -Identify the various components of an effective literacy program -Learn how to create opportunities for small group instruction and independent learning using the Daily 5 literacy program -Explore several models and examples of a literacy block.

November 7th, 2019                Creating Caring Classrooms

Creating Caring Classrooms is committed to building respectful relationships among students, teachers, and the school community. Through active, engaging, imaginative, and open-ended activities, students will be encouraged to explore events, ideas, themes, texts, stories, and relationships from different perspectives and then represent those new understandings in innovative and creative ways. Teachers will learn how to establish inclusive classrooms, initiate and maintain respectful dialogue, promote collaboration over competition, and confront difficult issues such as bullying and exclusion.

November 13th, 2019              Crayola – STEAM workshop

In this practical hands on workshop you will discover how to use inexpensive, easy to get materials to create artful projects involving math, science and technology that encourages students to solve problems creatively while using critical thinking and analytic skills.  You will create several samples appropriate for your own grade and go home with a variety of un ways to spark the interest of even your most reluctant learners.

November 27th, 2019              Programming for Students with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom:  Student Well-Being                                                                       and Mental Health

                                                 (In partnership with the GEETF Ad Hoc Special Education Committee)

This 90-minute workshop is offered in partnership with the local office.  The workshop is designed to provide educators with information and knowledge about student well-being and mental health as well as strategies to use with students to support them in these areas.

December 2nd, 2019               T.P.A. (Teacher Performance Appraisal) workshop

A PRS staff member from the provincial office will share with us the ins and outs of the TPA process.  A great workshop whether it is your evaluation year or not.

December 4th, 2019                Combined Grade Workshop (P/J/I)

        This 90-minute workshop is offered in partnership with the local office.  The workshop is designed to provide                  educators with information and knowledge about student well-being and mental health as well as strategies to                use with students to support them in these areas.

December 11th, 2019              Inspiring Mathematicians:  Helping Students Become the Mathematicians They Are Meant to Be

Are you a teacher who wonders how best to help your students grow and flourish as mathematical thinkers?

Do you want to help create both a love of mathematics and a strong conceptual foundation in your young learners?

We know that students often experience difficulty solving multi-step and complex word problems. This session will explore effective instructional strategies that will engage your students, help them develop the ability to think flexibly and critically in math. Participants in this workshop will learn and practice instructional methods that will help students make sense of a problem, make decisions about what to do with the numbers in the problem, and follow through with a plan that leads to a reasonable solution. We will explore how to adapt existing problems, and how to create new problems that can be used immediately in the classroom.       

December 12th, 2019              Member Rights and Responsibilities

Do you want clarification on what exactly your rights and responsibilities are as a teacher?  Then this is the workshop for you.  Join a member of our PRS (Professional Relations Services) as they dispel fact from fiction.  They will also answer any questions you may have!

March 30th, 2020                    Resume Writing

Monique Goold will give you the skills to make your resume stand out.  At the end of the workshop Monique will look over your resume and give you suggestions to improve it.

April 6th, 2020                         Interview Skills

        Monique Goold will prepare you for the type of questions that you may be asked at an interview.  You will have                time to practice in mock interview situations.

April 15th, 2020                        Building and Enriching Partnerships in Kindergarten          

                                                 (In partnership with the Grand Erie DECEs)

Join an ETFO Kindergarten team who will share their journey as they began to work together in the classroom. This workshop will focus on how to build, maintain and enrich partnerships in the Kindergarten classroom and will provide members with opportunities to develop a toolbox of ways to proactively build trusting relationships, communicate and plan as a team, consider your environment and work through constructive conversations.

April 20th & May 4th, 2020     Members Sharing in Assessment (two-part series)

The ETFO Members Sharing in Assessment website ( is a dynamic website that locals can share with members looking to enhance their understanding of classroom assessment.  This website is developed by members for members and includes “how to” videos, classroom-ready tools and strategies for primary, junior, intermediate, French and occasional teachers.

The website reinforces ETFO’s strong position on the importance of teacher professional judgement, classroom assessment and the information that teachers gather daily to inform instruction.  The resources are organized such that members can choose the strategies and tools from a variety of offering and they can also modify templates to meet their classroom needs and context.  New tools are being added to the site annually.

In this two-part workshop a member of our provincial team will walk through the website with you, making you familiar with all it has to offer.  You will then have two (2) weeks to use what you have learned in the classroom before coming back and sharing with your colleagues and learning even more about what the site has to offer.

April 22nd, 2020                      Stake Your Claim!

Maximize your one-hour literacy block by learning how a wealth of Language curriculum expectations can be effectively taught through a study of claim and evidence. Discover how engaging real-world texts and issues can spark interest and enthusiasm for both reading and writing. These highly engaging lessons have been classroom tested and will improve your students’ ability to analyse texts, as well as develop and organize ideas when communicating and supporting their thinking in writing. Criteria for judgement, student samples, mentor texts, and lesson sequences will be discussed and shared in this workshop. Practical classroom tips and considerations for teachers will also be highlighted throughout the session. You'll leave with all of the digital and printed materials needed to start teaching this unit the very next day!     Audience: Grades 4+

Date Pending                          Six Sure Fire Strategies for Early Reading Success

This session provides six (6) effective and efficient strategies guaranteed to support Early Readers who are experiencing difficulties with learning to read and write. This practical session includes videos and demonstrations of the teaching and learning strategies. Teachers will leave feeling confident to support hard-to-teach literacy learners.







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