Social Justice Committee

Earth Day funding is available for the 2018/2019 school year. Click here for information


Thanks so much for the grant and making it possible for these kids to have a great time learning about ocean habitats!

Cassie Chmiel 
Walsh Public School 


8th Annual Kindergarten Family Fun Night at Waterford Public School! - 2019

Thank you again for providing us with some funding for our 8th annual Kindergarten Family Fun Night at WPS! It was another FANTASTIC event with over 150 people in attendance! 

Amy Butler

Waterford Public School 

‘sweet gum’ shade tree planted near the site of their new playground - March 15, 2019

Teeterville Public - Green Team  

The Green Team had a gum day to raise money for their ‘sweet gum’ shade tree. Students could purchase a piece of gum for $1 and chew it in class. The Teeterville Green made posters/ announcements to promote this fundraiser and the importance of shade trees in our environment/ school yard. 




Bird/Bee/Bat/Bug house building sessions


"Here are a few pics from a session where the Kindergarten and their buddies grade 5/6, as well as the 2s and their buddies the 7s, built their houses.


Thanks for helping this fun day take place."


Michelle Stewart 

Bloomsburg PS

June 27, 2018


"I wanted to first thank the the ETFO - GEETF, Social Justice Committee for providing our school with funding that was put toward our outdoor classroom. 


We were able to purchase 2 tulip trees, as well as Echinacea, Butterfly Weed, and Liatris ~ all are native species and the flowering plants are all butterfly and bee friendly.


We had the opening of our Outdoor Classroom on May 11th, the Friday of Education Week and we had the director and our superintendent join us along with the Chair of our Parent Council.  This project has been a real labour of love, with the board, federation, parent council, school, community partners and students involved in raising money and/or providing materials for this project.


We had a representative from each classroom help us plant the trees, so that students from the entire school were involved in the opening ceremony.


Thank you once again for your support!

Lisa Chanyi-Baruth and the Green Team"


Jarvis Public School

May 30, 2018



Here is the beginning of our pallet gardens. We have the plants sprouting in the classrooms!


Thanks again for the funding!


Joshua Malig
Learning Resource Teacher
Centennial-Grand Woodlands
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